Achieve Your Fitness Goals Aesthetically

Fitness should be fun and enjoyable, and that’s exactly what our Game Center offers at Fix My Health Gym – Aesthetic Fitness. Step away from traditional workouts and challenge yourself with our exciting games and activities. Our Game Center features:


Test your balance, flexibility, and mental focus with Acharya, a yoga-inspired game that combines physical movement with a touch of adventure.

AX Throw:

Unleash your inner lumberjack with AX Throw, a thrilling game that challenges your accuracy and strength as you aim for the bullseye.

Air Gun Shooting:

Experience the thrill of target shooting with our safe and exciting Air Gun Shooting game. Sharpen your aim and coordination in a controlled and enjoyable setting.

Dart Throw:

Hit the bullseye with our Dart Throw game. Perfect your precision and concentration as you compete with friends or challenge yourself to beat your personal best.

VR Games:

Immerse yourself in virtual reality fitness games that make working out an exhilarating and immersive experience. Step into a whole new world of fitness challenges and excitement.

Incorporate play into your fitness routine and discover a new level of enthusiasm and motivation at our Game Center.


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